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Energy Harmonization for Home and Work

Align and harmonize the energy of your home or working environment

  • 20 minutos
  • 150 Libras esterlinas
  • Via Zoom or Skype

Descrição do serviço

DESCRIPTION: Clean and harmonize different energies from your home or working environment with this package. 1. We will first have a 20min call analysis related to the space you want to harmonize 2. Followed up by a complete remote energy harmonization session 3. Release old, stagnant and discordant energies from the space including energies from disagreements 4. Receive energetic downloads (energy recharges) to the space, furniture and objects with specific functions and intentions 5. Clean energies from donated and vintage objects so that you do not pick up memories from previous owners 6. Clean energies from previous owners and people who lived/worked in your space before (essential for new moves) This package includes a 20min video call, 1 remote energy clearing session and 1 remote energy adjustment seven days after so that the space sustain the new energy. The service is provided online, to any space in the world in which you live or work in. Cost: £120 [Approximately 590 Qatari Reais, 160 US Dollars, 880 Brazilian Reais] HOW TO BOOK: 1. Click on "book now" 2. Select the day and time of your 20 min call analysis 3. Proceed to check out 4. You will receive an email with details of your order and a link to access your call. If you have any questions before booking this service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Política de cancelamento

A single session (one-off booking) is non-refundable but you can reschedule your session with a 24h notice via hello@raissacoelho.com. Packages are refundable under the cooling-off period (within 14 days after purchase and by 48h prior to the first appointment). Please refer to Services Terms and Conditions for the full details on cancellation and refund.

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